May 2021’s Artist Of The Month is the ever so wonderful Alustrium! With a few releases under the belt, a recent signing to Unique Leader Records and a new album “A Monument To Silence” the band has some good things going for them. A blend of experimental death metal, prog, rock and metal will hit a ton of different areas for everyone who isn’t familiar with Alustrium. Ironically I can’t say I’m super familiar with them just yet, as I discovered them when they signed to the record label and heard the singles. Diving into their back catalogue I sure as heck wasn’t disappointed and quickly saw how original they are.

Melodic, heavy, creative, artistic and unique are the best words to describe Alustrium. The first few singles “Deliverance For The Damned” and “This Hollow Ache” showcase some of their best work in their young career (” A Monument To Silence” being their fourth release and third full length). The new album “A Monument To Silence will be out on June 18th. Come back to our facebook page and join us as we celebrate the impressive library of Alustrium for all of May why don’t ya?

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