2018 Winners

Best Folk/Acoustic
First Place: Folkfaces
Honorable Mentions: PA Line, Rust Belt Brigade, Shannon Vanderlaan and Yellow Sauce.

Best New Band
First Place: Buried Beneath Concrete
Honorable Mentions: Copper & Gin, Over & Out, Shambles and The Eaves.

Best Live Band
First Place: Dredneks
Honorable Mentions: Cardboard Homestead, Exham Priory, Wyatt Coin and Yellow Sauce.

Best Punk/Pop-Punk Band
First Place: Wyatt Coin
Honorable Mentions: City Powered Radio, Ghostpool, Of Night and Light and Super-Tugger.

Best Rock Band
First Place: Mom Said No
Honorable Mentions: Archres, Exham Priory, Ish Kabibble and The Scarecrow Show.

Best Hardcore/Metal Band
First Place: Nuclear Winter
Honorable Mentions: Coffin Hook, County Kings, DredNeks and Kennedy Carpool.

Best Local Song
First Place: “Roses” by Ronnie Watts
Honorable Mentions: “Amygdala (Aka… Push It Back)” by Jordan Potter, “Broken” by Of Night and Light, “Home” by PA Line and “Waves” by Archres.

Best Hip-Hop/R&B Artist
First Place: Chuckie Campbell
Honorable Mentions: Cosmic Brownie, Mark Lee, Monkey Brothaz and Twistello.

Best Country Band
First Place: Uncle Ben’s Remedy
Honorable Mentions: Beautiful Remedy, Kate Mallen, Skiffle Minstrels and Steam Donkeys.

Best Blues Band
First Place: Handsome Jack
Honorable Mentions: Blues Daddios, Miller and the Other Sinner, Robert “Freight Train” Parker and The Tommy Z Band.

Best DJ
First Place: DJ SYOTOS
Honorable Mentions: DJ Rankan, K-Rog, Matka, and N3wT.

Best Local Release
First Place: Mom Said No – “Welcome to the Loser’s Club”
Honorable Mentions: Yellow Sauce for “The Ballad of BobPaul,” City Powered Radio with “I Drink Therefore I Am,” Exham Priory for “From Darker Tides” and Space Junk with “Ascension.”

Best Venue
First Place: Mohawk Place
Honorable Mentions: Buffalo Iron Works, Buffalo Riverworks, Sportsman’s Tavern and Stamps … The Bar.

Best Vocalist
First Place: Danielle Mazziotti (Iron Soul)
Honorable Mentions: Ally Rose Marella, Grace Stumberg, Ronnie Watts and Zak Ward.

Best Guitarist
First Place: Joe Lamoureux (Nuclear Winter)
Honorable Mentions: Jamie Holka, Jordan Potter, Matt Fantini of Space Junk and Nick Lucido of Exham Priory.

Best Bassist
First Place: Nick Myers (DredNeks)
Honorable Mentions: Ben Juchniewicz of The Scarecrow Show, Cameron Chase Thibault of Of Night and Light, Dan Twist of Exham Priory and Jeff Miller of Cypher.

Best Drummer
First Place: Diana Nowak-Riffel
Honorable Mentions: Jon Juchniewicz of The Scarecrow Show, Jose Crespo of DredNeks, Naomi Langworthy and Tyler Rzemek of On the Cinder.

Best “Other” Instrumentalist
First Place: Grant Emeigh – Washboard (DredNeks)
Honorable Mentions: Cary Meehan of Space Junk (Keyboards/Synth); Kevin Sampson of First Ward (Keyboards); Paul Burt of Digital Afterlife, The Finality Complex, Bass Pro and (716) Trombones (Bass Trombone), and Sally Schafer of Over and Out (Violin).

Most Original Band/Artist
First Place: Cypher
Honorable Mentions: Space Junk, Witty Tarbox, Wyatt Coin and Yellow Sauce.
Best EDM
First Place: Basha
Honorable Mention: ON11XX (Roberto Fuentes Jr.)

Best Electronic/Industrial Band
First Place: Space Junk
Honorable Mentions: Andy Olson, Digital Afterlife, Optic Oppression and Westward Journey.

Best All WNY Show/Podcast
First Place: Joe Kent
Honorable Mentions: Cory McKnight (Cory Comments On), Michael Sargent (The Big Picture), The Nick & Dan Show, Scott Leffler (Here’s the Thing) and The Struggle is Real.

Greg Rinker Memorial Service Award:
First Place: Greg Burt
Honorable Mentions: Corina DeFabbio, Dewey Richbar, Joe Kent and Marty Boratin.