20/21 Winners

Best New Band
First Place: Brookhaven
HM: 77 Stone
HM: When Legions Fall

Best Live Band
First Place: Grosh
HM: Funktional Flow
HM: Tortoise Forest

Best Rock Band
First Place: Tokyo Monsters
HM: Eyes Of The Blind
HM: The Safety Meeting

Best Punk / Pop-Punk Band
First Place: Velvet Bethany
HM: The Living Braindead
HM: Johnny Revolting

Best Hardcore / Metal Band
First Place: Grizzly Run
HM: Red Letter
HM: Vulcan
HM: Inertia

Best Americana / Folk Band
First Place: PA Line
HM: Rust Belt Brigade
HM: Ten Cent Howl

Best Country Artist / Band
First Place: Fuzzy & The Rustbelts
HM: Band Named Sue
HM: Wasted Whiskey

Best Hip-Hop / Rap / R&B Artist
First Place: Mark Lee
HM: Jay Aquarious
HM: Chuckie Campbell

Best Acoustic Act / Singer/Songwriter
First Place: Michael Farrow (myq F)
HM: Tyler Westcott
HM: Tom Bender

Best Blues Band / Act
First Place: Miller And The Other Sinners
HM: 77 Stone
HM: Tommy Z

Best Jazz Band / Act
First Place: Damone Jackson Outcome
HM: The Pickle Mafia Band
HM: Jay Sharp (The Jay/Sharp-tet)

Best DJ / Electronic Band
First Place: Space Junk
HM: Digital Afterlife
HM: Scafetta

Best Indie / Alternative / Jam Band
First Place: Grub
HM: Johnny & The Man Kids
HM: Witty Tarbox

Best Tribute/Cover Band
First Place: Hit N Run
HM: Call For The Priest
HM: The Floyd Concept
HM: The Yachtfathers
HM: Dead Alliance Buffalo

Best “Other” Band / Act
First Place: Captain Tom & The Hooligans
HM: Demyia
HM: West Side Samurai

Most Original Band/Artist
First Place: Mom Said No
HM: Digital Afterlife
HM: Randle & The Late Night Scandals

Best Local Song
First Place: All I’m Asking by Lexxi Raine
HM: Half-Life by Fernway
HM: Marceline by Anxious Kids Make GoodPeople

Best Local Release (EP or Album)
First Place: Forward by Stress Dolls
HM: It’s Fine, I’m Just Tired by Over & Out
HM: There Are No Answers by The Long Cold Dark

Best Vocalist
First Place: Megan Brown (Grosh)
HM: Michael Farrow (Farrow, Myq F)
HM: Erica Wolfling

Best Guitarist
First Place: Ethan Weissman
HM: Mike Willard (Weaponex)
HM: Devin Dewyer (Dredneks)

Best Bassist
First Place: Lindsay Leyland (Pollock)
HM: Jerry Livingston
HM: Cody Barcroft

Best Drummer
First Place: Alec Westover (Carpool/Ghostpool)
HM: Collin Folger (Wasted Space)
HM: Eareckson Murray

Best “Other” Instrumentalist
First Place: Sally Schaefer
HM: Griffin Brady
HM: Michael Cirrito

Best Venue
First Place: Buffalo Iron Works
HM: Mohawk Place
HM: Babeville (9th Ward/Asbury Hall)

Best Sound Person
First Place: Dave Guilford
HM: Greg Belcher
HM: Griffin Brady
HM: Mike Hatalak

Greg Rinker Memorial Service Award
First Place: Marty Boratin (Mohawk Place)
HM: Sara Elizabeth (MiA)
HM: Josh Hotlzman (Buffalo Iron Works)