It’s time to vote in the 2019 All WNY Awards!

Voting will be open for two weeks (through Jan. 15, 2020).

Vote below. And share the link with friends and on social media. We look forward to sharing with you who won.


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By All WNY Awards

The All WNY Awards celebrates the very best of Western New York. Started over a decade ago as the WNY Music Awards on WBNY, the All WNY Awards moved to All WNY Radio in 2013. Each year, we honor the best in the music industry. And each week, we celebrate local businesses and organizations.

11 thoughts on “VOTE: 2019 All WNY Awards”
  1. SCATHED is amazing! I'm a professional live action Rock Photographer from Philly and I photographed/ heard them in Philly….They ROCKED!

  2. Frankly I find it surprising incredible that Ron LoCurto is not included in the selection for the areas best guitarist. Just my honest opinion.

    1. Eleni from Eleni and the aftermath also guitars for her band and she is not listed there maybe it is because she was able to be voted for as the vocalist but jay aquarius was also nominated for two catogorys rock and hip hop maybe genre is different for voting

  3. GROSH is the best rock band in any and everyone knows it. Every member of that band should be nominated and should win.

  4. How can other bands get in on this? I'm in a local psych/alt rock band called Mind Chaser and I'm curious as to how we can take part, If not this year, maybe next!

  5. I am a professional live action rock photographer who worked with the Musicians from SCATHED…absolutely fantastic Band!!!! Great Musicians!

  6. Did I miss something? I have seen Scathed & wasn't really impressed. I feel like there is a lot of talent there but that their songs seem to never go anywhere. I saw them at the Townballroom & IMHO The Scarecrow show stole the night.

    1. We'll be announcing them in a live broadcast on All WNY Radio. We're still hashing out the details of when that will happen. But we'll let you know as soon as we do.

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