About All WNY Deals

So you want to know the deal with All WNY Deals. It’s quite simple, really.

All WNY Deals is a means to allow local businesses to advertise without cash … and an avenue to allow local consumers to purchase things they want for a fraction of the value.

Think of it as a three-way-trade. Businesses give us gift certificates, tickets or something of value. In turn, we give them advertising. Then we sell those gift certificates, tickets of items to you at around 50 percent their value. In the grand scheme of things, you actually bought their advertising for them. And while doing so, you got a great deal on something you wanted. And we got to pay the electric bill. It’s a proverbial win-win-win.

Is it safe? Of course it is. You pay via credit card (or PayPal) and have the same protection you’d have buying anything from any online retailer.

Have other questions? Email us at deals@allwnynews.com.

All WNY is made possible thanks to coffee and sleep deprivation.
We appreciate your readership. We like money, too.