For Episode #45, Ryan and the gang have a two-part episode with Flowerhouse Studios owner and On the Cinder frontman/guitarist Jason Wright. They talk about On the Cinder’s newest album, “Lamplighter”, Jason’s incredibly affordable studio, any numerous of Buffalo violinists named Sally, an explanation of Pocket Vinyl (for the uninitiated), the importance of sucking, politics in music and much, much more.

We’ll also be playing talking about previous shows, including The Great Mistake and Makeout Tactics. We’ll also be playing music from On the Cinder, The Great Mistake, Real Movement and Over & Out.

0:00 – INTRO
1:27 – Will Webb is back!
5:46 – MUSIC: “Flashbulb Memory” by The Great Mistake
9:44 – PREVIOUS SHOWS: Makeout Tactics, The Lady or the Tiger?, The Great Mistake, Real Movement
19:38 – MUSIC: “Go Down“ by Real Movement
22:09 – INTERVIEW: Jason Wright, pt 1
37:51 – MUSIC: “Lifeline” by On the Cinder
41:08 – INTERVIEW: Jason Wright, pt 2
53:52 – MUSIC: “Carry On” by Over & Out

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