NEWFANE — Niagara County’s “most haunted mansion” will serve as host to a ghost hunt at 8 p.m. Saturday when the Beyond Ghosts offers guided tours of Van Horn Mansion for the only time this year.

According to Beyond Ghosts, “Over the course of nearly 200 years, the Van Horn Mansion has been witness to many interesting things. Unrecorded human remains have been found throughout the grounds. The mansion is rumored to have ties to the Underground Railroad, and a number of deaths have occurred in the home over the many years, a few even seeming perhaps a bit peculiar.”

The tour will include an exclusive lights-on tour of the home, light refreshments and snacks, opportunities to use a variety of tools to capture evidence of paranormal phenomena, learn about various forms of spirit communication, and the chance to go behind the scenes after hours and in the dark.

Guest are asked to bring any ghost hunting equipment they may have, as well as their cameras.

Tickets are available online for $20 per person.

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