KENMORE — The annual Gigantic Kenmore Garage Sale, which draws people from throughout Western New York  and Ontario, will take place from 9 am to 3 pm June 1st. The 1.44 square miles of Kenmore will play host to about 100  sales during that time period. 

Sale maps will be posted on the KVIS website and Facebook page on May 31st, printed maps will be available on the  day of the sale at the Made for Good shop, located at 7 Warren Avenue near the corner of Delaware Avenue, Kenmore  14217.  

The sale maps include riddle clues to a treasure hunt. Those who find any of the treasures in question hidden at the  sales can bring the item to the Made for Good shop to win a prize. 

The Gigantic Kenmore Garage sale creates a triple win -we keep saleable items from the landfill, we help residents sim plify and raise funds, and we encourage those having sales to donate their unwanted items to a charity that uses the  proceeds to benefit others in the Buffalo area.