NIAGARA FALLS — The All WNY bowling team won two of a possible seven points in the final match of the season against the National Association of Letter Carriers #661 team in the Sanborn Businessmen’s bowling league at Rapids Bowling Center.

On the All WNY side, Tyler Mondoux rolled a 192-215-252 for a 659 series. Anthony Berak rolled a 80-119-117 for a 316. Scott Leffler bowled a 124-143-110 for a 377 series. And KJ Jackson, filling in for team captain Andrew McGrath, rolled a 163-152-143 for a 458 total. With handicap, they rolled a 829-899-892 for a 2620 series.

Team NALC — composed of Terry Haseley, Chas Wildt, Jay Wildt, and Tim Thomsen rolled a 902-984-888 for a 2774 series. Breaking it down, Haseley rolled a 201-226156 for a 583 series; Chas Wildt bowled a 160-154-125 for a 439 series; Jay Wildt rolled a 132-216-195 for a 543 series; and Thomson bowled a 190-169-193 for a 552.

The All WNY team finished ninth out of 10 teams in the league.

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