NIAGARA FALLS — The All WNY bowling team picked up five of seven points Tuesday night over team Hebelers in the Sanborn Businessmen’s bowling league at Rapids Bowling Center.

On the Hebelers team, Shaun Wegener rolled a 207-211-177 for a 595 series. Justin Sarratori bowled a 235-178-170 for a 583 series. Slivio Derubis rolled a 207-226-172 for a 605 series. And Dave Gubala bowled a 188183-235 for a 606 series. With handicap, the team had a 953-914-870 for a 2737 team series.

On the All WNY side, Tyler Mondoux shot a 168-194-214 for a 576 series. Anthony Berak bowled a 77-124-81 for a 282 series. Scott Leffler rolled a 159-123-144 for a 426 series. And Team Captain Andrew McGrath — bowled a 235-201-230 for a 666 series. With handicap, the team scored 915-918-945 for a 2778 series.

All WNY began and ended the night in ninth place in the 10-team league. With one week remaining, it’s a position they’re guaranteed to end with.

The final week of the season is March 26.

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