NIAGARA FALLS — The All WNY bowling team won two close games over Cornell Financial Tuesday night, but lost the third and the total score in the Sanborn Businessmen’s bowling league at Rapids Bowling Center.

On the Cornell Financial team, Scott Milleville rolled a 155-203-257 for a 615 series. Doug Barney rolled a 246-192-234 for a 672 series. Ken Jackson bowled a 236-203-187 for a 626 on the night. And Mark Milleville scored a 190-199-232 for a 621 series. In for With handicap, the team had a 891-861-974 for a 2726 team series.

On the All WNY side, Anthony Berak bowled a 94-119-93 for a 306 series. Scott Leffler rolled a 147-136-99 for a 382. Team captain Andrew McGrath rolled a 180-144-221 for a 546. And KJ Jackson, in for Tyler Mondoux, bowled a 204-181-202 for a 587.

With handicaps, the All WNY team bowled a 917-872-907 for a 2696.

All WNY returns to the lanes on Tuesday, March 5th.