NIAGARA FALLS — The All WNY Bowling Team lost two close games to Davis Insurance Tuesday night but won the third game by enough to pick up three of a possible seven points in the Sanborn Businessmen’s Bowling League at Rapids Bowling Center.

On the Davis Insurance team, Dan Frederick rolled a 184-150-176 for a 510 series. Marty Lauer bowled a 113-194-134 for a 441 series. Jerry Moceri rolled a 233-182-230 for a 645 series. And Dan Oravec shot a 194-180-247 for a 621 series. With handicap, the team had a 904-886-967 for a 2757 team series.

On the All WNY side, Tyler Mondoux returned to form, bowling a bowled a 224-234-225 for a 683 series. Anthony Berak bowled a 90-165-106 for a 361 series. Scott Leffler rolled a 140-127-130 for a 397 series. Team Captain Drew McGrath rolled a 169-189-193 for a 551 series. With handicap, the team had a 900-992-931 for a 2823 series.

Each game in the league is worth two points in the standings, while the overall team series is worth one additional point, giving the Davis Insurance team four points on the night and Team All WNY three points.

Coming into the night, All WNY was ninth in the 10-team league, where they have been lingering for a while.

The Sanborn Businessmen’s Bowling League resumes on Tuesday, Feb. 20.