NIAGARA FALLS — It just wasn’t the All WNY Bowling Team’s night as Wagner’s Farm Market decimated the short-staffed team, taking seven points in the Sanborn Businessmen’s Bowling League at Rapids Bowling Center.

On the Wagner’s Farm Market team, Rick Milleville rolled a 156-194-178 for a 528. Matt Haseley bowled a 245-180-188 for a 613 series. Steve Grogan rolled a 210-146-195 for a 551 series. And Tony Quaranto Jr. shot a 199-177-220 for a 596 series. With handicap, the team had a 970-857-941 for a 2768 team series.

On the All WNY side, Tyler Mondoux bowled a 209-172-175 for a 556 series. Anthony Berak bowled a 109-122-107 for a 338 series. Scott Leffler rolled a 114-105-121 for a 340 series. Team Captain Drew McGrath was out due to illness and got a 150-150-150 for a 450 series and no added handicap. With the other players’ handicap, the team had a 810-777-781 for a 2368 series.

Each game in the league is worth two points in the standings, while the overall team series is worth one additional point, giving the Wagner’s Farm Market team seven points on the night and Team All WNY a week to contemplate where they went wrong.

Coming into the night, All WNY was ninth in the 10-team league but looking to advance. They did not.

The Sanborn Businessmen’s Bowling League resumes on Tuesday, Feb. 13.