A complaint filed against the National Football League cites Bills and Sabres owner Terry Pegula as evidence that the league is racist.

The complaint, filed by former NFL Network reporter, Jim Trotter, states that Pegula, at one point, said “If the black players don’t like it here, they should go back to Africa and see how bad it is.”

Trotter said he attempted to address Pegula’s comment at the the time, but no remedial action was taken.

Pegula, meanwhile, flat out denies the allegation. In a statement released by both the Bills and the Buffalo Sabres, Pegula said, “”The statement attributed to me in Mr. Trotter’s complaint is absolutely false. I am horrified that anyone would connect me to an allegation of this kind. Racism has no place in our society and I am personally disgusted that my name is associated with this complaint. “