Hello, All WNY community.

It’s that time again. The 2022 All WNY Awards. Bigger and better than ever — with nearly 100 categories. We want to know what you thought was the best in Western New York in 2022.

Nominations are open Feb. 1 – Feb. 15. You’re welcome to nominate as many different people, bands, businesses, etc. as you like. Just make sure to put them in the right category. All nominations will be considered; nominating the same band multiple times in the same category has no mathematical advantage and will only serve to annoy the All WNY Awards committee.

All valid nominees will make it to the vote. Rather than whittling it down to the top 10 as we have in years passed, as long as a nominee fits the requirements, they’ll be on the final ballot.

Any category with less than three nominees will be eliminated. No one wants to come in second place out of two. So we’ll just nix any categories that don’t generate enough nominees.

Music nominees must have music playing on All WNY Radio*. As these are the All WNY Awards, we’re limiting music nominees to those bands that have music on our 24-7 music stream. If you don’t and you’d like to be considered for inclusion, submit music now. If you’re nominated and do not have a presence on the All WNY Radio music stream, you will have a limited time to submit music. (*bands or acts in the “Best Tribute / Cover Band categories are exempt from this rule)

All WNY Radio rules apply.*
 Band must be from Western New York and play original music. (*bands or acts in the “Best Tribute / Cover Band categories are exempt from the “original music” rule … obviously)

Nominees must have had a music release or show in 2022. You can’t be the best band of the past year if you didn’t do anything in the past year. As such, bands that have no public presence will not be considered. It is preferred that bands have an internet presence – whether it’s Facebook, Soundcloud, a website, etc. This will make it easier for voters to familiarize themselves with you.

Please give details. You might know that Guy Fawkes plays lead guitar for V and the Vendettas. But others might not. So when nominating him, let us know. Example “Guy Fawkes (V and the Vendettas).” This will make it easier for the nomination to be validated.

Voting will be open for two weeks. (March 1 – March 15, 2022) Once nominees are validated, the public will vote on their favorite. The top vote-getter in each category will get the award.

Awards announced on April 1. April 1, 2023 is All WNY Radio’s 17th birthday and we thought that would be a great day to celebrate. So the morning of April 1, we’ll post all the winners at AllWNY.com — and share it to social media.

If you have any questions, email me.

Now go nominate your favorites. And tell your friends.

Scott Leffler
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By All WNY Awards

The All WNY Awards celebrates the very best of Western New York. Started over a decade ago as the WNY Music Awards on WBNY, the All WNY Awards moved to All WNY Radio in 2013. Each year, we honor the best in the music industry, as well as businesses and community events.