Look, I’m not going to lie; The isolation is getting to me. And I want to be entertained.

A while ago, the All WNY staff had what we call “a meeting,” (meaning there was pizza, beer, and very little accomplished) and we discussed creating a Western New York-based expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity. We came up with some awesome cards. And some that probably made more sense after the beer than they do at this point. BUT we were short of the number of cards management wanted to make the expansion pack a reality.

So “Cards Against All WNY” went into the proverbial filing cabinet and we moved on to another idea.

Well now we’ve got all this time on our hands and the state won’t let us have “meetings” at the moment. So … we dusted off “Cards Against All WNY” and thought we’d see if we can add enough cards to make it a real thing.

Over the course of the next couple weeks, we’re going to offer an opportunity to win a digital download (print-and-cut) version of CAAllWNY (no, that looks stupid) — “Cards Against All WNY” for our Etsy Shop (conveniently located at just for playing along and entertaining us on social media.

At random intervals that will only make sense to me, I’ll post either a “Cards Against Humanity” card with a blank card for you to fill in with a WNY question/answer or an original “Cards Against All WNY” card with blank cards for you to fill in with a WNY question/answer. We’ll share the posts to our Facebook and Twitter feeds and you answer there. The best answer to each challenge will win a free digital download of the final game (and will be included in the expansion pack). Plus, it’ll be fun.

So whaddya say? Who’s in?

Today’s question:

______________ is a slippery slope that leads to _______________.

Good luck!

All WNY is made possible thanks to coffee and sleep deprivation.
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