On episode #49 of The Struggle is Real Buffalo Music Podcast, Ryan Gurnett and Kevin Kauffman discuss the 2019 All WNY Music Award nominees and winners.  We also play music from some of the winners (before running out of time), including Michael Delano, Mom Said No, The Scarecrow Show and Dredneks

0:00 – INTRO:
1:25 – 2019 Awards Recap: Best New Band
8:50 – MUSIC: “Glory” by Michael Delano
13:10 – 2019 Awards Recap Best Live Band
16:53 – MUSIC: “Run Again” by Mom Said No
21:24 – 2019 Awards Recap Best Folk Band, Best Hip-Hop, Best Rock Band
30:30 – MUSIC: “The Witch” by The Scarecrow Show
35:27 – 2019 Awards Recap Best Venue, Best Sound person, Best Door Person, Best Hardcore/Metal
45:15 – MUSIC: “Circus Peanuts” by Dredneks
51:11 – 2019 Awards Recap Best of the Rest and Sign-Off

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