Time to add another local for 2019 that isn’t Ecliptic Vision it’s something closer to the TMR bunker….INERTIA.  Going against the boring, generic Buffalo music scene these young studs bring a technical death metal/deathcore sound that wows a ton of people.  Including Oliver from Archspire when they opened for them.  What’s super impressive about them talent aside?  They’re great people, no egos and extremely personal and friendly.  They’ve BEEN opening up shows with not national bands but STELLAR bands.  Inferi, Archspire, Wormhole, Viruvm ALL ON THE SAME SHOW.  Next Saturday with VISCERAL DISGORGE and earlier this year with death metal legends DYING FETUS….Inertia isn’t getting on crappy shows.  And unlike a good amount of Buffalo bands, they’ve been playing outside of the state.  This month they have a handful of dates  going across the Northeast with another band Sleepers, to boot.  Inertia isn’t even a handful of years old as a band (I think they haven’t been around for 5 years….excuse me if there’s any inaccuracies?).  They’ve made impressive strides, and independently release one of 2018’s best albums “Teratoma”.


Inertia has been making serious moves and probably have more up their sleeves…..bringing stellar crowds with them locally when they play around here.  They’ve made buddies with our Baltimore slam tech fiends Wormhole, and played another show with them last month.  They are a hard working, stellar group of gentlemen making Buffalo a positive light on the map for the rest of the world.  And I couldn’t be happier for the trio, to say the least.  If you know them already that’s awesome, but if you don’t I guarantee you’ll dig the insane sweeps and riffs of my fellow axeman Kahlil…..Steve’s stellar growls and emotional set of vocals, and the wild blasts and fills of Doug on Drums.  They’re working on new music too, nothing is concrete yet but you bet your ass we will be there to promote the news with our Inertia family.  Enjoy this great band.


Originally published on Technical Music Review. Republished with permission.