This week’s featured event is Stamping Out M.S. (Tribute to Corina DeFabbio).
You may not know Corina DeFabbio, but you’ve probably seen something she’s done in the local scene. From her years of lighting work all over town, like Rapids Theater & Riviera Theatre, to her co-hosting duties on the ThinkSoJoe show on All WNY, to Corina’s Cookies having sweet treats at some of your favorite shows. But, Corina has been suffering with medical troubles for quite a while. Always keeping her head up, she picks up jobs wherever she can. A lot of the time, what picks her up is her friends in the music scene. Some of them decided, let’s make Multiple Sclerosis a conversation. Let’s talk about how much it sucks. And let’s raise some money for a great not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals in our community living with Multiple Sclerosis. On Saturday, May 4th, a collection of great musicians from the WNY come together to support Corina and raise money to help those struggling with this disease. Jaynie Crash and The Tall Men, Billy Draws Two, Yellow Sauce, Exham Priory, Toy Box Brigade, and Poison & Prose are all donating their time to the cause! Doors open at 6:00pm for this ages 21 or older event at Stamps The Bar in Tonawanda, NY. It’s also only $5 to get in! So go enjoy some great local music!
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