WASHINGTON D.C. — U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins, D-Buffalo, issued the following statement regarding Thursday’s targeted bombing in Syria.

“As I have stated in the past, the fight in Syria is not a fight for freedom and democracy; it is a fight for raw power and control between a murderous dictator and violent extremists. Reports of the use of sarin to brutalize the Syrian people by their government is barbaric and inhumane and rightly calls out for condemnation on the world stage. While this targeted strike on the airfield which purportedly administered the chemical attack may be considered proportional, my previous stance on America’s role in Syria has not changed. I oppose wholesale American intervention in Syria, and the Congress must debate an authorization of the use of military force.”

“It should be noted that the Trump administration’s about-face on Syrian intervention demonstrates how ill-advised its policy of halting entry of helpless refugees from this war-torn country is.”

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