WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today issued the following statement on the bombing of an air base in Syria:

“The chemical attacks by the Assad regime in Syria are unconscionable atrocities and a direct violation of international law; these attacks demand a firm response from the U.S. and the world community.

“However, unilateral military action by the U.S. in a Middle East conflict causes grave concern, given the lack of any Authorization for Use of Military Force from Congress and the absence of any long-term plan or strategy to address any consequences from such unilateral action.
“Furthermore, there is no ‘military only’ solution to the suffering in Syria. The American people need answers from the Administration about their plan here and how they will bring coalition partners to the table for a long-term diplomatic solution.”
21 thoughts on “Gillibrand issues statement on bombing of Syrian air base”
    1. How these attacks differ from any military insurgence from the Obama administration baffles me. I think supporting Tulsi Gabbard's position would be a stronger (long-term) plan to hold. However — the trigger-happy 'keeping distant regimes' "at heel" strategy… This is going to hurt a lot of democrats when principled progressives face the warmongering elite in this country.

      The Guardian confirmed Assad used chemical weapons right? Well they were also key in the supposition that Suddam had WMDs. They were also certain Hillary was going to win this past election by a landslide. Check your sources and act. Don't just react to your bubble. Don't toe this terrible party line. Faux american-exceptionalism only works in the western media. But it ain't the truth.

  1. Sane voice in a crazy world…" No child of god deserves to die like that…" Well, no child of god deserves to die as a refugee seeking asylum at sea, in a desert, or as a poor child hungry or without medical care. Has the man in the golden tower begun to open his eyes? One can only hope.

  2. Thank you, Senator Gillibrand. I hope many people, both Congress, the Senate and Trump's administration hear your wisdom

  3. Thank you, Senator Gillibrand, for your circumspect response and for upholding the principles of democracy under attack from within our republic.

  4. Thank you, Senator Gillibrand. Not only was the attack unauthorized and not in the context of any communicated policy, as you say, but it seemed to have no real purpose except to gain political capital, distance the White House from Russia, and distract the country from the Russia investigations.

  5. While I share your concern for planning, diplomacy and acting in accord with our constituion, I also believe there is reason to believe that Assad was not responsible for the gas attack that prompted the US missile attack. So I was disappointed to see you further the claim that Assad was guilty, as if it was a given that does not need to be demonstrated.

    1. On Obama's red line in Syria & Trump admin falling for false flag. Turkey and Erdogan's sending of Sarin gas to Syrian rebels.

  6. I agree with Abi'l Khayr and Dacota Blackstone above, that agreeing with the current narrative of Assad being responsible, is premature and potentially part of a bigger misinformation campaign started by the Obama administration. Those of us who have been frustrated by the actions abroad of the US under both Republicans and Democrats are looking for a brave new direction which challenges the power structures that benefit from constant war. Please be a voice for us.

  7. "The chemical attacks by the Assad regime in Syria" are in fact not proven to have been authorized by the Syrian government, and there is good reason to suspect they are the result of a false flag. So although I am pleased that the Senator is not succumbing to blood lust, she is still drinking the kool aid.

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