This week’s featured event is Burt Fest 2020.

It’s that time again! FTMP Events’ founder Greg Burt is back with Burt Fest 2020! 15 of the best local bands take the stage at Buffalo Iron Works for a full day of great music! Feat: Of Night And Light, Creating A Sinner, Lexxi Raine, Eyes of the Blind, Bear the Bronze, Digital Ladies, Mind Chaser, Not For Nothing, Blackend Blue, Lost Like Lions, Tiger the Lion, A.C. Anton, Digital Afterlife, Dope City Kid, & Muddle. Doors open at 2:00pm and tickets are only $10 presale.

Of Night & Light

Out of Buffalo, NY the trio of Joseph Kinem, Nick Badeau, & Cameron Thibault are Of Night And Light. Crafting post-hardcore alt-rock spanning the space between ambient waves and thundering crashes, soft swells and heavy lows, the night and the light. With a hard DIY work ethic, this crew has amassed a solid following all over the USA. Even getting the attention of Vibe Up & Alternative Press for their new album after a successful crowd funding campaign. In 2018 the band made their debut on the final run of Vans Warped Tour trailed by a full east coast U.S. circuit followed by the release of their newest music video for “Forgiving Isn’t Forgetting” in 2019 that has garnered renowned praise!
Creating A Sinner
Creating A Sinner is a one-of-a-kind Alt Rock band from Buffalo NY, providing a fresh twist to their favorite genre. With energy and attitude unmatched, their only goal is to bring forth an original sound that will be remembered for years to come. Band members Derek Gregoire, Aaron Duffy, Jake Butcher, & Devon Brodka have hit the stage at Burt Fest many times. It’s now time once more to shake & swing with their great anthems!
Lexxi Raine
Lexxi Raine is a singer-songwriter from Buffalo, NY, who has always been passionate about music. She formed her first band at the age of 16 through Craigslist in 2012 and has remained in the music industry ever since. In 2016, Lexxi Raine decided to start a solo side project to keep her songwriting thriving through multiple band member changes in Avidd The Bad. Lexxi Raine has taken her music onto every social media platform with weekly YouTube videos, daily Facebook posts, Instagram photos, Twitter, tracks on Soundcloud, tiers on Patreon, and her own personal website at This is her proudest creation yet and she is so excited for the world to see and share the same feelings!
Eyes Of The Blind
Allow Eyes of the Blind to remind you of the despondency in life and being. With a heavy metal influence and full, inclusive guitar chords anchoring melancholic vocals with a healthy dose of grit, no good deed goes unpunished. Add in a steady rhythm section with various synths to bolster up the mix and you have a force to be reckoned with. Eyes of the Blind have been heavily involved in the Buffalo metal scene since 2016 and just released their second studio album to a great acclamation!

Bear The Bronze
Bear the Bronze, a Rock band hailing from the Queen City of Buffalo, New York is a jack of all trades outfit. Forming in 2019, the band has compiled a catalog of modern and classic rock cover music. Local music scene veterans Brian Naus, Paul Mitro, Daniel Wyno, & Mike BonGiovanni join forces with sing-alongs that you’re sure to know all the words to!
Digital Ladies
Mind Chaser
Formed from the ashes of Urban Reverie, Mind Chaser is a Psychedelic Alternative Rock group from Buffalo, NY. Blazing the way with a valley of creativity within a danceable course. Join this feast in logic, and let these 4 guys entertain your psyche. Be sure to catch Mind Chaser at this year’s Burt Fest 2020!
Not For Nothing
Everyone claims their band is the “next generation” of “insert genre here”. But not many mean it literally. Brought up in the music scene, Not For Nothing has been blazing their Indie Rock sound over the city of Buffalo since 2018 and has been stirring up show-goers with an appealing exhibit of catchy alternative tunes. These young ones are already great, but moreover are bound for ever greater times ahead!
Blackend Blue
Started originally with some jamming back in 1999/2000, Blackend Blue have been throwing down tracks in their make shift studio for decades. They come out of Angola, but have become an integral part of the Buffalo, NY music scene. This is one band you can tell is having a blast every time they get together. But also is serious enough to put together some realling rocking anthems. “Basically, we just love to jam and most importantly we continue to play and love METAL!”
Lost Like Lions
Lost Like Lions formed from the ashes of a past local band called “This is Fiction” who performed at Thursday at the Harbor, sold out Mohawk Place, and even headlined The Town Ballroom. Singer/Songwriter Derrik Schiersing went out to Los Angeles, California to record the first LLL ep. The debut ep titled “The Way of the World” premiered on Alternative Buffalo 107.7, had an exclusive stream on popular music website “AbsolutePunk”, and features guest vocals from AJ Perdomo (The Dangerous Summer) and Jonathan Lullo (Down To Earth Approach). Now back in full swing, Jamie Bigaj, Matt Kusmierz, & Jim Kaczmarski join Derrik as Lost Like Lions with infectious melodies & a rockin good time!
Tiger The Lion
Have you ever heard of a band with an Aerophone player? Well, round that out with a killer percussionist, bassist, and amazing frontman on keys & vocals. Tiger the Lion is Buffalo’s Alt Rock/Blues/Cosmic Soul group that will lure you in with hooks & let you out with smooth artistry. Get into these carnivores!
A.C. Anton
Rock/Metal with an Expermental edge, the crew of A.C. Anton has tightened up their own blend of music. One part creeps in, while another bellows out. There’s a sprawling word out there. Vince Seidel, Kevin Murphy, Chris Emma, & Deanna Winkowski make sense of it all by feeling there is a happy ending. But not this one. Enjoy the sounds, and maybe you’ll also find who you are.
Digital Afterlife
Hey night owls, this one is for you! Digital Afterlife is an Alternative Electronic band from Buffalo, NY. After forming in late 2011, they’ve been regularly performing, creating, & crafting their own sound. Surging through genres, DA creates a realm of their own within the confines of electronic music, becoming one with a sound that always lingers in the back of your mind…one that can soothe, haunt, or control you when you least expect it.
Muddle is a young “Local Punk Band” that has been setting the music scene on fire. The combination of Maggie Dewitt on vocals, Ethan Childs on drums, James Midgett on bass, and Jeffrey Colson on guitar is as solid as it gets. Playing all over the area, recently even gracing the stage at Town Ballroom. Their embers keep building, because this crew is in their element anywhere they play.
Dope City Kid
“Veterans of the pop-punk scene, Dope City Kid are tearing it up in Buffalo! Pop-Soul-Punk Fusion is their creative take on the classics of punk and pop-punk mixed with soul-inspired ska-hearted riffs. You’ll have the uncontrollable urge to dance like crazy at a show..” – Buffalo State Record
/// Other Shows ///

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