KENMORE — The Kenmore Village Improvement Society’s Kenmore in Bloom will be taking place this year but it will be a bit different to help make sure we all stay safe and well during the pandemic. We are asking Kenmore residents, businesses, and organizations to post a photo of your front garden on our main facebook page at anytime until July 12.

You can submit the photo of your front garden, a neighbor’s, or a family member.. Please make sure that you only post photos of gardens that look well cared for. Those who submit a photo that meet the following guidelines will be on the list of places Bloomed this year. We generally do not Bloom places that use fake flowers, have more garden ornaments than plants, are weedy or lacking in plants or design. From that list, we will pick several outstanding gardens as our Gardens of Distinction. We will not be awarding yard signs this year and the Bloom Bash gathering is cancelled.

We hope this will allow you to share your front garden with others, get some good kudos for your work and effort, and inspire us all with the beauty you add to our community. Thank you for posting your photos and for sharing this info

For more information please call President Melissa Foster at 877-0477, or visit the KVIS website at, the Facebook page at or email

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