People have been asking us some questions about the All WNY Music Awards. We thought we should answer.

We ARE awarding the All WNY Music Awards this year. We’re just a bit behind in our tallying. Like … very behind. Although the vote page remained active, voting closed on Sept. 23 – the first day of fall. All votes cast since then will not be tallied.

We will not be able to host or hold an awards ceremony this year. Due to the recent transition at AllWNYRadio and general busy-ness of the All WNY Music Awards team, it’s just not feasible. So instead let’s plan on having an even bigger and better one in 2016.

Our apologies for not being more communicative recently. Everyone’s been very busy.

Now … I have to go back to counting votes.

– Scott Leffler
– The man with the plan
– All WNY Radio

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